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Conference Introduction

K-Risk (Korea Council of Risk Experts) plans to hold the 2nd PRM (Project Risk Management) Conference all day on November 24, 2021, following last year. We haven't decided on the exact conference location yet because of COVID-19  situation. We are preparing as an On (video conferencing)/Off (face-to-face) parallel event. Even if the COVID-19 situation is over, we will also hold online video conferences for locals, foreigners, compatriots living abroad.


The PRM Conference is an annual event held to share the professional skills and experiences essential for  proportionals/individuals/organizations that research/realize project and organizational risk management, and to enable risk management to become more practical.


This event covers a wide range of risk concepts, from project cost and project period risk analysis in the planning design stage that requires risk analysis and management and reliability technology, to contract/claim, disaster disaster, design safety review, business continuity management system, and infrastructure asset management.

We hope that you, who are thinking about the uncertainty of the future and making important decisions every time, gain valuable wisdom from this competition. We look forward to your participation. ​ 

Potential Participants

It is open to all individuals, including graduate students, researchers, public officials, and entrepreneurs, who want to learn and share more about risk management/reliability/uncertainty, as well as professionals from a wide range of fields. ​

Therefore, Speakers and simple participatns interested in the topics below will be invited to participate. All stakeholders share with colleagues and experts interested in risk management the challenges of various industries on the big topic of project/organizational risk management, innovative approaches to solving them, new technological advances, lessons learned and value enhancements. It aims to expand the base of risk management as well as strengthen the competency of risk experts by cultivating core competency in risk management.

 Discussion Topics

  • Domestic and overseas project design and construction contract/claim risk management (PMBOK, PRINCE2, etc.)

  • Disaster safety management and business (functional) continuity management (BCMS) ISO 23001

  • Project risk management after COVID-19 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) (ISO 31000)

  • The role of risk managers in the era of the 4th industrial revolution

  • Risk-based design safety review (related to Article 75-2 of the Construction Technology Promotion Act)

  • Risk and Reliability-Based Decision Making

  • Risk-based design VE and construction VE (VE+RA integrated approach)

  • Risk-Based Asset Management (AM) (ISO 55000)

  • Risk management in daily life

  • Introduction of master's and doctoral dissertations and research project achievements dealing with domestic and international risks

  • Project risk management basic and advanced training courses linked education and seminar

  • Risk expert training certification and invited lecturer (CRI)

  • Risk management failures and lessons learned by organizations, projects, and companies

  • Cases of best practices for risk management ​

  • All areas that require risk analysis and management ​​​A presentation on a topic related to the above topic.

  • Various types of information exchange methods such as education and workshops can be freely selected by participants

Registration and Important Dates


Final participation decisions will be emailed by September 31, 2021.  K-Risk plans to hold both on (zoom real-time meeting)/off (face-to-face meeting) all day on November 24, 2021, even after the corona virus is over. If there are many participants, it may be changed to a two-day event.

The application for presentation/workshop participation is until August 31, 2021.

The application form will be announced soon.

Invited Speakers and Technical Presenters

August 31, 2021 - Submission of presentation/workshop abstract (Abstract)

September 30, 2021 - Reply to accept the final announcement

October 30, 2021 - Presentation material (PDF/video) submission

We are considering all invited speakers and technical presenters can attend this conference for free. Please wait for the official announcement.

Simple Participants

Sep. 30, 2021 - Application for competition and payment of participation fee (early registrants are treated)

October 30, 2021 - Last day to participate in the competition

Contact Information

Jong-Kwon Lim, PhD
President of K-Risk


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