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Welcome to the 3rd PRM (Project Risk Management) Conference.


The PRM Conference is organized under the supervision of K-Risk (Korea Risk Experts Association) to share the professional skills and experiences necessary for individuals/organizations that research/realize project and organizational risk management, and to promote Korean project risk management techniques to be more practical.

It has been being held every year since the first conference was held in Seoul in November 2020. The 3rd conference will be held in Jeju Island on  November 24th and 25th this year.​ ​ This event is not only for organizations that need risk analysis and management and reliability skills, but also from project cost and project period risk analysis in the planning and design stage of the project, contract/claim, disaster disaster, design safety review, business continuity management system, infrastructure Experts in a wide range of risk-related fields such as asset management and how to use RM(risk management) in the VE process, as well as graduate students, researchers, public officials, and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how to handle risk management/reliability/uncertainty, will participate. can. I hope that all of you who are thinking about uncertainty that affect business goals, taking countermeasures, constantly thinking and making important decisions, will share valuable experiences and gain valuable wisdom from others at this conference. ​


The revised version of the project risk management guidelines (including Part 3 Risk-Based Estimate), written and published by K-Risk with great care, will be presented free of charge to the in-person participants, and the online participants will also receive a mail (postage fee paid by themselves). ) will be sent to you.


K-Risk (Korea Association of Risk Experts) continuously publishes guidelines for project risk management, especially in the construction sector, among various risk fields, and provides directions so that stakeholders in the domestic construction industry can perform practical risk management. In the revised version of the guidelines published this time, the guidelines for Part 3 Risk-Based Estimate (RBE) are newly included, following Part 1 General Guidelines and Part 2 Workshop Guidelines. K-Risk will work with readers so that risk management can take root as a culture in the Korean government and companies, and is operating an official blog ( for continuous communication. We hope that participation in the conference will help develop a culture that enables systematic risk management of organizations/projects/assets.

For your reference, the presentation materials for the competition can be downloaded from the following link. (Password provided to participants)


Access the link below to access the participant support site for zoom link information, detailed competition timetable, shuttle service for on-site participation, real-time photo updates, and after-sales support. (Password provided to participants)


In addition, access to news of publications such as newsletters, books, past publications, and member publications published as electronic files 4 times a year through the link below.

from all members of the 3rd PRM Conference Promotion Committee

Program Outline

November 24th

Part 1 10:30~11:50 / Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech by Dr. Lee Dong-Eun

Part 2 13:00~13:40 / Special Invitational Speech by Robert Stewart Risk Analysis for VE Studies using OptionLab)

Part 3 14:00~18:00 /Technical Session (There will be 16 technical presentations in two rooms)

                  18:00~20:00 / Dinner at the Sea View Restaurant 18:00~20:00 (face-to-face attendees only)

November 25th

Part 4 08:30~12:00 / Morning breakfast (healthy food) and healing experience program (face-to-face participants only)

​Part 5 13:00~13:50 / 2022 Risk Awards

Part 6 14:00~15:50 Topic presentation and general discussion for vitalizing risk management by Dr. Lim Jong-Kwon

Part 7 16:00~17:00 / Publication commemoration commemorating the publication of the revised version of the project risk management guidelines by Dr. Kim Hong-Yeoun.

#The above time is Korean time.

Below are the finalized speakers and titles of this conference (in alphabetical order by the names of the speakers). The detailed timetable and program for the presentation content are provided on the blog site below. (Password is provided to registrants)

  • Choi, Dal-Woo, Professor, Institute of Construction Technology Education / Examples of countermeasures that vary depending on risk type (online presentation)

  • Choi, Sungkyu, Director, Korea Construction Management Research) / Risk management through digital twin system (presentation on site)​      

  • Jeon, Byung-Ju, PhD candidate of Kyoungbuk National Univ., Derivation of key management risks considering probability and impact (focused on tunnel construction) (online presentation)

  • Jung, Wooyong, Associate professor, Kepco International Nuclear Graduate School / Working RMs and Non-working RMs (Online Presentation)

  • Kim, Kyueok, CEO of JNK Korea / Impact and risks of the 4th industrial revolution on industry (on-site presentation)

  • Kim, Hong-Yeon, Director of Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.) / Introduction of the project risk management guidelines (3rd edition) (on-site presentation)

  • Kim, Jisoo, Director of LK Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd.) / Project Risk and Insurance (Site presentation)

  • Kim, Jong-Woo, Professor of Gachon University / Machine Learning and Optimization (Online Presentation)

  • Lee, Beom-Koo, CEO of Simoc Consulting / Case analysis of overseas construction disputes and understanding of terminology (online presentation)

  • Lee, Dong-Eun, Professor of Kyungpook National University / Construction cost and process risk quantification system (online presentation)

  • Lee, Hansoo, Director of Hanshin Accounting Firm/ Case study on business model selection of private investment project considering risk assessment (on-site presentation)

  • Lim, Jong-Kwon, CEO of BARM Brain Co., Ltd.) / Culture and governance that recognizes risk as an expense (on-site presentation)

  • Min, Kyunghyeon, Manager of Eretec Data Labs / Case of risk-based estimation (RBE) adopted by the Australian government (on-site presentation)

  • Min, Ju Hong CEO of Senits Corporation / Response plan through project risk management case study (on-site presentation)

  • Muritara Adebayo Aisa, Ph.D. candidate of Kyungbook National University / Development of risk register-based knowledge graph to support risk management of construction projects (online presentation)

  • Noe, Dongyun, Lead of PMI Business Development Lead / Contract and risk management in a built environment (on-site presentation)

  • Park, Jisoo. RM of UK HS2 High Speed ​​Rail Project / P3M3 Risk Management Maturity Model (Online presentation, UK Real Time)

  • Park, Kyung-hoon, Director of Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Construction Technology) / Prioritization of bridge maintenance project considering risk (on-site announcement)

  • Park, Seong-cheol CEO of PCCA / Understanding the commonalities of value engineering (VE) and constant compression (SC) (on-site presentation)

  • Stewart, Robert, President, VMS / Risk Analysis for VE Studies using OptionLab (Online presentation, UK Real Time)

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